Gittana Di Perledo: what to do



Varenna is a beautiful small village, characteristic in every detail: colorful houses right above the lake,  elegant boats and small streets all across the center. 

Varenna every year attracts thousands of tourists that want to look at the beauty of the lake, with an ice cream or a aperitif in their hand.

Varenna is the starting point of different activities: the visit to the classic villas with beautiful gardens, the escape on the Vezio castle or the ferry to Bellagio, an other beautiful city of Como Lake.

Varenna is 10 minutes far form Gittana by car.


Il Castello Di Vezio

Vezio Castle stands on a promontory right above Varenna. Built in the XI century and renovate during the XX century, the castle is characterized by the watchtower, accessible via the drawbridge and a nice garden, with different underground tunnels.


The Vezio Ghost are famous and characteristic in the whole Como Lake: gypsum structures of ghosts are places in the whole park, allowing tourists to jump back in time and live a medieval feeling.

The strategic position of the Castle guarantees a fantastic view on the whole Como Lake, specially during sunsets.


Il Sentiero del viandante

Famous as “Wayfarer’s Trail”, this trekking goes alongside the whole Como Lake – Lecco branch, from Lecco to Colico. 

This pathway is the attraction of every loving nature tourist and it allow to match relax of the lake and visit of the villages, with trekking and activities on the mountains.


With a 40 minutes trekking from Gittana it is possible to arrive to Bellano. For the mountain lovers from Gittana it is possible to reach “Monte San Defendente” (1.321 mt.) for a complete view of Como Lake and some of the main  peaks of the local area called “Gruppo delle Grigne”.

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L'Orrido di Bellano

The “Orrido di Bellano” is a natural fall located between the mountains, a few minutes away from Bellano. 

A beautiful walkway, anchored to the rocks and equipped with lighting system guarantees to go across the fall, for a jump into nature and a spectacular view. 

Bellano is 10 minutes drive to Gittana.


Via dell’Isola del Sole, 7

23828 Perledo (LC)
Frazione di Gittana

Tel: 339.8316301


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Silenziosa e baciata dal sole, nascosta tra l’azzurro del lago e il verde della montagna.